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Description of High Speed Muscle Car Race 3D Are you the xtreme racing car games enthusiast? Be the Best RACING DRIVER in the newest offroad blazing adventure. With post apocalyptic features and xtreme thrust these indestructible muscle cars are unstoppable.Throttle up the muscle engines at top speeds. Unleash your blaze driving skills in the ultimate high speed racing simulator. Gain the utmost respect at the battle arena by winning huge races with the highest steaks. Top up the competiton by purchasing new and unique modified cars. Have a blast driving the modified muscle cars in this furirummyous racing simulator game. GET AN EDGE OVER YOUR RIVAL AND BE CROWNED THE RACER KING OF THE BATTLE ARENA.Features:• 8+ furious modified muscle cars to race.• 4 breathtaking battling tracks.• 3 amazing race mods.• Modified cars circuit racing.• Knock out elimination challenges.• Rush to finish line in checkpoint mode.• Streamlined controls for driving car • Earn points to modify your fast muscle ride.• Polish your skills beyond drag race.• Compete against AI rival racer.• Drive safely on city streets.Drift on corner of battling track to maintain top speed and smoke opponents in amazing sports car driver simulation game. Gain position among rival racer with super car simulator to gain points. Unlock 3 different racing tracks and master them. These offroad battling tracks will test your agility and control over speed. This Newest blazing adventure game will let you play in three different types of driving modes. Get your driver skills sharpen as early as possible because its will test you in multiple ways. Circuit racing mode enhance your controls over speeding modified car. Second elimination mode won’t let you be a tail ender anymore in muscle car racing. After every 30 sec last competing racer will automatically knock out from ongoing race. It is the perfect time to throttle up, accelerate to top speed and overtake the leading position, and leave rival racer knock out. Third checkpoint is the best one to push your modified supercar to its maximum limit. Push your car to limit like driving in drag race. This will analyze driver control along with auto performance and your professional driving skills on different race tracks. The real essence of the race car game is defeating opponents in multiple races to become the racing champion. Polish your driving skills by keeping your fast drifting vehicles on speed line. Enter corners with aggressive acceleration and touch apex to exit it in style. Grab steering wheel tightly and don’t oversteer the extreme fast car. Participate in illegal racer to gain maximum drag in gaining top speed. Tune your vehicle like a pro and make your wheels spin faster. These hot techniques will boost your win in the furious muscle car racing championship.MUSCLE UP YOUR PROFESSIONAL CAR RACING SKILLS IN THE LATEST DRIVING SIMULATOR 2k17. Become ultimate racer and master the blazing battling trails. Enjoy the download challenging game High Speed Muscle Car Race 3D and crush your death racing rivals.

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